Monthly Archives: August 2011

Advice from Big Weld

A few weeks ago we took in 3 more foster kids. These kids are older than our last pair. (I really miss my “littles” by the way. Thankfully, I get to keep in touch with them). Our current batch of cutie-patooties won over my heart within minutes. They seem to fit in well with our family & have settled in quickly & easily. With this tiny trio comes a whole new set of worries & a whole new list of prayers. Little things they say & do seem to simultaneously make me happy & break my heart. They like being with us but miss their family. It’s hard for the kids to understand this transition & equally hard to explain it to them, so we end up giving lots of hugs & wipe away a few tears.¬† The biggest challenge for me personally, so far, has been learning how to manage the amount of work that comes with having 5 kids under 8 years old, figuring out how to still get housework done & dinner on the table.

While navigating this challenge, I have been amazed at how my friends rally together when new kids come into our home. They have brought over mattresses, clothes & an entire trunk of groceries! I am extremely thankful for God’s provision for my family & the community that He has placed us in. A community that puts value in investing in the lives of others. Not only are my friends investing in the lives of the tiny trio, they are doing it in their communities as well. They “adopt” families around them & include them in their daily life. Invite them over for dinner & holidays, take the kids school shopping & drop by with groceries. They get to know people in their community & fill the needs that they see. Other families I know have invited teens that had ended up homeless to live with them, invited single mother’s & their children to live in their homes & come along side a young single adults struggling to get life figured out.¬†¬†Investing in people is not always something that comes in an easy , convenient package. Usually, you find your self elbow deep in things you may have never dealt with. I often find myself not knowing what to say. I pray that God would give me wisdom to share, and that I would know when to speak and when to just listen. I pray that whichever it is, they could see Christ’s heart to love and serve them through me.

As I type this I am watching the movie Robots with my kids. The theme of the movie is presented in the beginning by Big Weld is “See a need, fill a need.” Which is what helping people is all about, filling the needs of those around you. I know of many organizations that you can get involved in, I’ll list a couple that I actively support, but really sometimes it just means coming along side people you know & helping out. I can’t help but wonder, if someone would have come along side my tiny trio’s family & helped them along, would they have remained out of the system?

*Organizations I support: New Direction Resource Center & Beacon Hill