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I asked her to marry me

My 7 year old son is looking forward to going back to school this fall so he can see his fiance. Yep! My son Gideon was engaged by the ripe old age of 6. He is fiercely committed to the little girl in his 1st grade class that he proposed to. In February 2011 he came home & informed me “Mom, we have a new girl in my class. Her name is Ciara with a C. She likes dragons! She has a How To Train Your Dragon backpack. I asked her to marry me & she said YES!”

Well, there you have it! Once Gideon sets his mind on something he rarely strays from it. February through May, he remained steadfastly in love with Ciara with a C (not to be confused with Sierra with an S). In addition to their common interest in dragons, they both love the color red & enjoyed sharing their lunches everyday, he likes her cute hairstyle & he thinks she “talks cute.” Once on a quiet drive home he informed me “Mom, I would like to take Ciara on a date. It would make her happy.”

One day in April he came home & asked when he could kiss a girl – specifically Ciara w/ a C. I told him that kissing was something you were not allowed to do until he was older & that he could only do it after he asked for her father’s permission to do so. He said “OK.” but I could tell he was thinking hard about something. About 2 hours later he came to me & said (reluctantly) “Mom, I kissed her on the cheek during reading class. I think I need to go talk to her Dad.”

In May, Gideon unfortunately got sent to the principle’s office for fighting (well, the 6 year old version of fighting which is rough behavior) with another little boy on the playground. When I asked him why he was fighting he told me that he thought that the boy was “going after” Ciara & he was trying to protect her. Though not appropriate behavior, I thought in my head “Gideon, mighty man of valor,” which fits my sons character.

It is now late July. Gideon is looking forward to going back to school, not just because he enjoys it but because he can see Ciara again. Summer feels like an eternity when you’re little. He has thought about his dragon loving fiance many times this summer, he has prayed for her & told me that “he can’t wait till he is 18 so he can get married.” As his mom, his romantic notions make me nervous. However, I am realizing that my marriage is an example to my son. Gideon sees how much his father & mother enjoy their relationship &  sees it as something that is worth seeking. My husband has set the example that is it his job to provide for & protect his family, as well as make his wife happy.  My son witnesses this & tells me that he wants to marry Ciara so he can “take care of her & make her happy.”  I am a proud mom to this funny, amazing, observant little boy.